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5 Fails Of The Week And It's Only Wednesday!

This week has been a very crazy week. With Mother's Day coming up I have been stressing about selling Dessert Boxes and also have 2 uni assignments due at the end of the week so busy is an understatement.

Anyway, I have had a few baking fails this week and it's only Wednesday.

Without further ado:

Baking Fail Numero Uno

Fudge that would not set!

I tried to make a double batch of a recipe I have made so many times recently which should have been a piece of cake! However, when heating the mixture it expands and I didn't remember exactly how much it increases in size! I used the biggest pot I had (which isn't that big) and yep you guessed it, the mixture started spilling over the edges!

Baking Fail Numero Due

To continue with my fudge that wouldn't set...

The fudge mixture also has to reach a certain temperature to thicken and help the fudge set later on and because of the spilling over in baking fail numero uno, it didn't reach the temperature needed so it would set.

Baking Fail Numero Tre Red Velvet Love Hearts

I made some mini red velvet cakes to go in my Mother's Day dessert boxes and I found 2 silicone love heart moulds which I thought would be super cute. So I spent a good few hours cooking 2 mini cakes at a time until all 20 were cooked. They turned out perfect except then I started thinking about how I wanted to ice them and decided I didn't like the look of the love hearts with the icing. The next morning I cooked all 12 mini cakes in a cupcake tray in 15 minutes. Let's just pretend I didn't waste hours cooking cakes I didn't even like.

Baking Fail Numero Quattro


I had 3 cakes that needed icing, except when I was flavouring the icings I completely forgot about 1 of the cakes and only did 2 flavours. So I had to make more icing the next day, and now I have a decent amount of icing left over.

Baking Fail Numero Cinque

Flavour Injectors

I was recently googling about a better way to inject my fillings into my doughnuts, and I found what looked like these fantastic injectors that would work perfectly! So I drove out to the shops and bought 3, 1 for each of my fillings. Got home, tested them out and quickly realised that my fillings were too think for the injectors and they were a total bust.

Fails happen to the best of us and it's all a learning experience!

To end on a positive note here are some wins that I've had so far this week:

- I designed kick ass Mother's Day dessert boxes that turned out much better that I ever hoped.

- Baked doughnuts, I wasn't 100% happy with how my doughnuts were turning out when fried so I tried baking them and they turned out heaps better that I thought they would.

- I adjusted my macaron recipe as they were a little dry last time and my adjustments worked.

- I also tried a new recipe out and it turned out better than expected.

You win some and you lose some,

Happy Baking

xx Juliana

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